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1) Press the "authorize" button.


2) In the Window that opens, enter the username and password. Don't worry! You are in a webview container, so these information is not available to the app.


3) Allow Auto Uploader to access your account pressing the blue button.



Auto Uploader will require three permissions to upload an image to Facebook. The basic informations are the minimum permission required (all app that access Facebook requires this).

The publish_stream permission is the one that allows Auto Uploader to put a photo in the user album. Without it the app is useless.

And the offline_access is needed to allow Auto Uploader to always publish a photo in the user album. Without it Facebook denies the access after a short period, and the user will need to allow it again. In other terms without this permission the access token that Facebook gives to the app will expire in a short period, and with it the token will never expire.

Settings Options

Enabled: when checked the app will upload the photos to Facebook.

Folders to monitor: define the folders that the app will monitor for photos to upload to Facebook. This settings works together with general folders to monitor.

Album: disabled for now.


  • A blank page appears when authorizing

Back to the main window and start again.

  • Where my photos are published?

Facebook places the photos in an album with the app name: Auto Uploader. If the album don't exist it will be automatically created by Facebook. In the future will be possible select the album to publish the photos.

  • Why I cannot set the photo to private?

Facebook only allow an entire album to be private. You need to login in your account and change the privacy setting for the album.

  • Where are my geotags?

Facebook don't allow geotags.