First Steps

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After opening the application the first thing to do is authorize an online service for which upload your photos.

You will see two empty tabs. The first one, services, will show all the services that are configured in app. The second shows the services that are authorized. The difference is that you can have one authorized service but several configurations for it.

To add a service you can press the blue plus button ( Plus.png ) in the services tab. A screen like this will be showed:

There are two list in the screen. The list at the top shows services already authorized and list at the bottom shows available ones. In the first time top list will be empty. You must select an option in bottom list and go on with the screen instructions.

After authorizing service the screen will be something like this:

All you have to do now is press the green light and it's done! The application starting to monitor the photos folder for new files and will upload them automatically.

Now it's time to learn what every icon in the main screen does and to configure the app to do exactly what you want.