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Auto Uploader allows the user to automatically upload a photo to a online service. It runs in the background, monitoring the folder that the photos are usually saved. The user don't need to press anything to upload.


There are two versions of Auto Uploader:

  • Free: it's free of charge, but with some limitations: only one service can be enable at time (the photo will be uploaded only to one service), some configuration options are disabled (i.e., the only in wifi), and the app will monitor only one folder (not configurable, defined to the default photo folder).
  • Paid: without any limitations.

The free version will be updated as well as the paid, but with not the same features (no feature will be available only in free version).

Download & Install

You can download and install the app from the Android Market.

The free version can be found here, and the paid version can be found here.


The first thing to do is configure the online service that will receive the photo.

These are the services available for now:

You can configure one or several. The app will upload the photo to all services that are configured and enabled, so you don't need to worry if a friend erases a photo in the device! ;)


To start the monitor all you have to do is press the service option in the menu. If the service is already running the bar will be green, otherwise grayed. When pressed and the service is running, it will stop.

If no online service is configured or enabled the monitor will not start.

Settings Options

The settings for each service are explained in the section of each one.

Background Service

  • Folders to monitor: the folders that the app will monitor for new pictures. In the free version these option will be disabled, and only one folder will be watched (the default camera folder). In the paid version you can add as many folders as you want. These configuration affects all services! To monitor some specific folder in specific service, there's an option in the specific service settings.
  • Auto start: when checked the background service will start automatically when the device boots up.
  • Service notification: when checked there will be a notification showing that the service is running.
  • Upload notification: when checked a notification will be showed when uploading a photo, with a progress bar.
  • Upload delay: time in seconds to wait to start an upload. This delay are useful if you configure the camera app to put the geotags in the photo, or if you want to do something in the photo before upload.


  • GPS: when checked Auto Upload will try to take the GPS fix for the photo. Important: the photo will not be touched! The GPS coordinate will be saved in an internal database, not as an EXIF metadata.
  • Timeout: time in seconds to wait for a GPS fix. After these time the GPS fixed will be canceled. This is important to avoid excessive battery usage.
  • Only network: when checked Auto Upload will use only the GPS fixed provided by the network, not the satellites. This option is faster and less power consumption, but less accurate.


  • Only in Wifi: when checked the photo will be uploaded only when a wireless network is available. If you do not have a data plan with your carrier leave this option checked to avoid expensive bills.