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The main screen is splitted in two tabs:

  • Services: all the services configured and ready to use
  • Credentials: all the credentials associated to services

The difference between service and credential is that every service are linked to a credential. A credential keeps the information needed to use the online service (it is like a key). You can have several services linked to the same credential.

Let's go to a practical situation: you have your personal Facebook page, but administer one fanpage too. Sometimes you are in a place that you want to upload photos to your personal album and sometimes to your fanpage. You can keep two services linked to the same Facebook account and enable/disable each one as you wish.

Every service has it's own settings even when linked to the same credential.

When you change your password, for example, you don't need to do it in every service. Only in the credential.

Bottom Buttons


Plus.png: used to add a service or credential (it depends if you are in service or credential tab).

File:Minus.png: used to remove a service or credential (it depends if you are in service or credential tab).

Delete.png: press it to remove the selected service or credential (it depends if you are in service or credential tab).

File:Warning.png: displayed when there are some app warning. Press it to view the warning.

File:Help.png: display a small help screen.

The number displayed in top right icon warning shows warnings quantity.



The 3 circles displays state of respective service:

  • red: the service is disabled
  • yellow: the service is enabled but it's NOT uploading. This means that the folders are being monitored, marking the geotags, and saving informations in internal database. When the service goes to green photos will be uploaded.
  • green: all that yellow does plus the uploading!


The logo has two functions:

  • show how many photos are waiting to upload (the number in top right corner). These goes from none (blank) to +9 (more than nine pictures)
  • press the logo to show/hide extra information/options to the respective service



If there is a warning for the service the icon will be showed. The number of messages is showed from 1 to +9 (more than nine). No icon means no messages.

Touch the icon will show a list with all of them, leaving grayed those who belongs to the respective service.



Displays special information from the service (normally the username and id will be showed). This is useful when more than one account is registered for the same service.

These info appears when touch the service logo.

Service Buttons


  • clear pending: clear the photos that are upload pending. This will not delete the photos, just the upload info (and of course the photo will not be uploaded).
  • clear alerts: clear the alerts relative to the respective service.
  • settings: allow settings for the respective service.

The button appears when touch the service logo.