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* [[File:Delete.png]] : delete the credential (and all of the services bound to it)
* [[File:Delete.png]] : delete the service
* [[File:Rename.png]] : rename
* [[File:Rename.png]] : rename

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Service sample.jpeg


Long press the item to view these options:

Service sample options.jpeg

  • Delete.png : delete the service
  • Rename.png : rename


Service sample logo.jpeg

Press to show/hide service options. The number indicates how many files are queued for upload.


Service sample alert.jpeg

Tells that are warnings/messages relatives to this service. The number indicates how many messages are.

Press it to open the warning viewer.


Service sample semaphore.jpeg

  • red: the service is disabled
  • yellow: the service is enabled (the app is monitoring, getting the geotags, etc.), but it's NOT uploading
  • green: same as yellow, but uploading


Service sample name.jpeg

Double press the name to rename it.

The name of the service is used only for information purposes. You can authorize the same service with different credentials (username and password) and name each one as you wish.


Service sample delfiles.jpeg

Enabled when there are some file queued to upload. Press to remove all service queued files.


Service sample delalerts.jpeg

Enabled when there are some alerts from service. Press to remove all service alerts.


Service sample settings.jpeg

Press to configure the service. The settings are specific to each service.