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1) Press the "add service" button.

New service.png

2) Select "Picasa" in the list.


3) In the Window that opens, enter the username and password. Don't worry! You are in a webview container, so these information is not available to the app.


4) Allow Auto Uploader to access your account pressing the blue button.



Auto Uploader will require access to the Picasa service in Google. There is no individual permission for access type.

Auto Upload will ONLY publish photos. Never will touch photos that are already published.

Settings Options

Enabled: when checked the app will upload the photos to Picasa.

Folders to monitor: define the folders that the app will monitor for photos to upload to Picasa. This settings works together with general folders to monitor.

Album: the picasa album where to put the photo.

Title: when checked the photo will be uploaded with the name of the file in the device. If unchecked the title will be empty.

Summary: text put in the summary of the photo.

Tags: the tags, separated by comas, that the photo will take.


  • Where my photos are published?

Picasa places the photos in an album called DropBox. In the future will be possible select the album to publish the photos.

  • Why I cannot set the photo to private?

Picasa only allow an entire album to be private. You need to login in your account and change the privacy setting for the album.

  • Where are my geotags?

There are two options to upload the photos with geotags: making the camera app put the geotags in the EXIF info of the picture, or leave Auto Uploader take the GPS coordinates before the upload.

In the first option you have to configure the camera app to take the GPS coordinates, configure Auto Uploader to wait some time to upload (to allow the device to fix the coordinates and put the EXIF info in the picture), and configure Picasa to take these info from the EXIF.

In the second option all you have to do is configure the Auto Uploader to take the GPS coordinates. No configuration is necessary at Picasa.