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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may change anytime. The user should check this page from time to time to ensure that agrees with it.

Last change: December 12th, 2012.

What we collect

The informations that are collected by the application are used only and exclusively to allow the application send the pictures to an online service.

These informations aren't send to anywhere and if necessary saved only in the user device. If the user has the option to make a backup of his settings in the Google servers then these information may be sent there. The application has no control over this.

What we do with the information we gather

The information requested to the user are used to ask a permission to an online service to access the user account to put their pictures there. Unless explicitly declared the username and password provided by the user are never saved anywhere and anytime, used only to guarantee access to the online service, and completely discarded after the process.

Most online services provides a token, that is in fact used to later use in the process of picture uploading. These token and some user private information (i.e. name, email, etc.) that "Auto Uploader" gathers from the online service are saved in the device and never sent to anywhere and anytime.

Authorization process

Most online services has an online authorization process based in an internet site. The access to these sites are made inside "Auto Uploader" and always that is possible it uses a secure connection (HTTPS). "Auto Uploader" is not responsible for flaws in the process or data stolen caused by malicious software or compromised internet connection.


"Auto Uploader" stores its data in the secure area of the Android operation system. "Auto Uploader" is not responsible for guarantee the system security.

User localization

"Auto Uploader" uses the device GPS to put these coordinates in the picture. The information is saved in an internal database until the picture is uploaded and after that is erased. The user has total control over these process and can disable this feature.

About the images

The pictures taken by the user are sent only to the online services that are configured and enabled in the moment that the picture is taken. There are no information about the pictures sent to anywhere and anytime.