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Battery consumption

When the service is enabled, but idle, the battery consumption is zero. There is no code running, only waiting for Android signal that some monitored folders has changed.

If there is no network connection the app will wait until some becomes available. There is no running code too! The app register itself in the Android system and will be notified when the network is alive, starting the upload.

Obviously that when uploading or getting the GPS fix the battery will be drained. So if a lot of photos are taken is possible that the battery will lower faster. If you are taken a lot of pictures in one place you can disable the GPS fix for economy, and set to upload only in wifi network.

Android permissions

The app requires 5 permissions.

  • Check license

The paid version and the free version shares the same code, but only the paid version checks the license in the Market. If a paid version is installed in a device with invalid license it will became a free version. But the free version will no became a paid version! To publish the same app as paid and free it's necessary change their internal name, so the license will be always tied to the paid version.

  • Internet access

The main goal of the app is to upload a photo to an online internet access is obviously necessary. :)

Auto Uploader only access the online services sites (for authorizing and upload) and the Market site to validate license.

The app also sends data to Google Analytics. These data are completely anonymous and allows developer fix bugs that the user do not see and maintain its efforts on services that are most used.

  • Network state

It's necessary to check if there is an active internet connection.

  • Fine location

Enables the geotags with GPS (not only network).

  • Receive boot completed

Enables the auto start when device is turned on.

How it works

Auto Uploader register itself in the Android system for any changes in the monitored folders. So when something happens in any of they the app receives a message. If the message says that a new file was created it retrieves the name, and start another process to take the GPS fix (if configured to), and start all the services that are enabled to upload for that folder.

The app keeps an internal database, containing all needed information about a picture. This record is removed after the photo is uploaded.

The photos files are never changed or erased.

When a network error occurs while uploading the app warns the user, and will try latter.

If the GPS fix fails it will NOT try latter. The GPS fix occur only in the moment that the photo is taken.